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Whippet Dog Harness Review Australia

Is a dog collar a good choice for walkies with my Whippet?

You can’t help but be impressed by the refined appearance and streamlined shape of the Whippet’s breed. However, the long, elegant necks mean that, as with all sighthounds, they aren’t protected by thick coats, underlying fat, or tough skin. They are, in fact, quite delicate and easily damaged.

Whippet Dog Harness or Collar Review Australia Haqihana No Pull Escape Proof
Dog Collars can damage Whippet’s delicate necks

Collars tend to rub the neck in specific areas, especially if they are under pressure from a Whippet pulling on their lead. Over time, consistent rubbing in the same area can wear down the fur causing bald patches and skin damage. In more serious cases it can lead to health issues like damaging the windpipe, cutting off blood supply or impeding breathing.

Another reason collars just don’t work well with Whippets is that their narrow heads make slipping out of collars seem like child’s play.

You can read more about how ‘Your Dog Collar is Harming your Dog’ in our article, but the short answer is due to the hounds unique body shape they are not well suitable to be walked on a collar. Below you can read our in-depth dog harness review.

Is a Dog Harness the best choice for Whippets?

All dogs need a harness to prevent them from suddenly running off. This is especially necessary for Whippets and other members of the sighthound family. If a Whippet suddenly lurches forwards to chase something, given the Whippet’s tendency to chase anything apparently chase-worthy, a traditional dog collar can injure a Whippet’s neck and throat area.

Harnesses are a great training tool that can discourage poor leash manners. Harnesses give more control and stop the dog from being the one in charge. That can benefit you especially if you’re elderly, or your kids like walking your dog.

Another advantage of using a harness over a collar is that – if fitted well – harnesses are much more difficult to get out of than a collar. Their unique body shape with deep chests, slim waists, and long flexible necks means Whippets can pull backwards and escape out of many regular dog harnesses. They do this by extending their legs forward, crouching and lowering their heads and then simply backing out. Owners can be shocked at how quickly a fearful dog can struggle their way out of a poorly designed harness. If it happens that your Whippet pup is an escape artist, you may find that a harness will help overcome their Harry Houdini skills!

What is the best harness for timid Whippets?

The best harness for Whippets in Australia is the Haqihana Double H Harness. This harness features an extra strap that is located correctly on the lower rib cage, which makes it perfect for those awkward shaped dogs such as Greyhounds and Whippets. The Haqihana Double H Harness is also a great choice for escape artist dogs or anxious dogs who can back out of other styles of harnesses. The extra strap provides extra security for very deep chested dogs or dogs whose neck is large compared with their heads like Sighthounds.

Best Dog Harness for Whippet Sighthound Australia Collar No Pull Dog Trainer Recommends
The Haqihana Double H Harness is the perfect choice for timid or easily spooked Whippets

The Haqihana Double H harnesses is adjustable in seven points, all parts are assembled with safety stitching and the plastic components are rounded and free from sharp corners. They are specially designed to guarantee the best possible fit for Greyhounds, Galgos, Whippets, Sighthounds and Lurchers. The design of the Haqihana Harness has the added benefit that they can be fitted without the dog needing to lift a paw. They are light, comfortable and durable whilst providing maximum security. Oh and they look and feel gorgeous too!

What is the best harness for confident Whippets?

Longer breeds of dogs, such as Whippets, have a choice of either the Haqihana ‘Long’ or the Haqihana ‘Double H’ Harness. We recommend the Long version for dogs who are very calm and confident when walking and the Double H version for dogs who require extra security because they are timid, easily scared or escape artists.

Long Haqihana Harness Best Whippet Dog Harness Review Australia
The Haqihana Long Harness is the perfect choice for calm and confident Whippets

The ‘Long’ version is based on the ‘Standard’ version, but has longitudinal elements that correspond to the next size up. For example, the SL (Small Long) has the chest circumference of the Small but is long on the back and on the sternum like the Medium. This shifts the chest strap rearwards by about 5 cm compared to the ‘Standard’ harness ensuring there is no rubbing under the armpits of longer breeds of dogs.

If you are looking for a Whippet Harness, choose either a Haqihana Double H or Haqihana Long dog harness.

Double H Harness provides extra security

After seeing greyhounds in Italy wearing the Haqihana harness I started researching. We started out with the regular Haqihana harness, but my greyhounds can be stubborn and not want a walk to end, so they back up. So then we set them all up in Double H Harnesses so we have extra security, which works like a charm!

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Sunshine Coast, QLD

Nice & Light

Holly loves her Haqihana Harness. Its nice and light and allows for natural movement during Zoomies. Top Dog Harness were great with easy communication and quick dispatch. Would highly recommend.

Holly (Kristy McMillan) Best Dog Harness Australia
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