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Top 5 Tips to choose a Dog Harness

There are many brands of dog harnesses on the market such as Haqihana, Ruffwear, Perfect Fit, Ezydog, Petsafe, Julius K9, Rabbitgoo just to name a few,… so how do you choose? What is the highest rated dog harness? What is the best dog harness available in Australia?

Here are our top 5 tips to ensure your dog is just as happy wearing it as you are reaching for it time and time again:

1. Quality

A dog harness is an investment and if you chose wisely your dog will be just as happy with it as you are. Choose a safe and strong dog harness that is manufactured from top quality materials that are not just durable, but comfortable and breathable as well.

Haqihana Top Dog Harness Review Australia (35)

Haqihana Harnesses have been handmade in Italy since 2004. Their specialised Artisans pride themselves on paying extreme attention to detail throughout the entire manufacturing process. Their high quality materials, all produced in Europe, are non toxic, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and so durable that they come with a five-year guarantee. The webbing, exclusively made for Haqihana, is high tenacity spun-dyed nylon-6 which guarantees colour homogeneity and resistance. The special characteristics of nylon (polyamide) make it particularly suitable for a harness and leash production. In fact, amongst synthetic fibbers nylon is well known for its softness, optimal strength-to-weight ratio, abrasion resistance and chemical and biological stability – and Nylon is completely recyclable! The buckles and adjusters are made from acetal resin which maintains long lasting mechanical and shock resistance even in extreme conditions. The plastic parts are rounded off and have no sharp edges in order to ensure the dogs comfort. The metal components are stainless steel (AISI 304) which does not release Nickel or cause allergic reactions in accordance with European regulations.

2. Correct Fit

Just like us dogs come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing a harness make sure it comes in a wide range of sizes with suitable adjustability to correctly fit your dog.

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Haqihana harnesses come in eleven carefully studied sizes and each harness has five adjustable points (both front straps, both back straps, and the belly strap) to fit your dog’s unique body proportion. The Haqihana Harness is unique in it’s ability to offer such flexibility and it is this adjustability that makes it easy to ensure that the centre of the “Y” sits against the breastbone between the shoulders. The accurate study and development of the sizing ensure an excellent fit and adaptability of the harness to the specific dimensions and proportions of your dog.

The fittings, the relative sizing of the parts and their positioning on the dog’s body are designed to ensure maximum comfort in any situation. The two connection buckles and their positioning allow for a quick and easy fitting and removal of the harness, without hassle for dog or owner. All the parts are assembled with safety stitching and the folds that are in contact with the skin are finished with a special stitching designed to avoid scratches and rubbing, even in dogs with short or clipped hair.

3. Safety

The design and quality of a harness is important for your dog’s safety. There are many poorly designed harnesses on the market and many do not allow freedom of movement. A badly designed harness will place pressure on the sensitive structures of the neck or across the shoulders, or use excess or poor quality materials that rub on the skin.

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The Haqihana Harness is recommended by Turid Rugaas, Norwegian dog trainer and author of On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals and other books. Haqihana’s Y-shaped harness keeps the shoulder joints free and doesn’t rest against the neck. It is designed such that nothing rubs against your dog’s legs, or pinches the delicate skin behind their front legs, as they walk. The Haqihana non-inhibitive harness does not cause pain, friction or injury to the skin and does not limit movement in any way or create any other discomfort for your dog. When the dog tugs, pulls or needs to be held back, the pressure applied by the leash is directed exclusively on the sternum, then on the chest and finally on the skeleton. This distribution avoids any pain, any sense of constriction, any rubbing or tension on the skin, any restriction of movement or any other discomfort.

4. Colours & Style

In addition to functionality, you also want your harness to look great on your dog. Choose a harness that comes in a range of beautiful colours that compliment the colour of your dog. Choose a harness that feels like an elegant tailor made garment. A harness that is worn with ease will have a ‘second skin feel’ for your dog whilst wearing it.

Top rated best dog harness haqihana Australia dog collar harm 6 - Top 5 Tips to choose a Dog Harness

Haqihana Harnesses come in thirteen different colours, and although we may be biased, we think the colours look even better in person than they do in photographs. You may like to choose a bold colour like Arctic or Red that contrasts your dog’s coat, or perhaps a more nuetral colour like Green or Steel. Can’t decide which colour? Then choose Haqihana’s most popular item: the Multi-Colour Harness.

5. Warranty

Choose a harness that is backed by the manufacturer with an excellent warranty.

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To show you just how much the Haqihana brand stand behind it’s products they offer a five year guarantee on their harnesses and a one year guarantee on their leashes. This warranty covers defects, breakages, or other problems that arise which are not from normal wear and tear or improper usage and care.

Fantastic service

Fantastic service from Top Dog Harness. Thank you for taking the time to discuss our particular requirements with regard to sizing and style.

Safest Dog Harness Australia No Pull Halti 1
Ballina, NSW

Easy to adjust

The girth sits so nicely behind the forelimbs – no rubbing in the underarms at all. The front sits down in the centre of the chest and off the throat. The shoulder straps don’t interfere with the upper legs at all. It is easy to adjust. The webbing is smooth and yet once secured will not slip. Just perfect 😍

Nancy (Emily Williams) No Pull Dog Harness Australia Review
Capalaba, QLD

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