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Handmade by Italian Artisans

Italian company Haqihana launched its line of harnesses in 2004 in answer to the widespread request by dog lovers for a valid alternative to the collar that would be comfortable and not constrictive. Their high quality materials, all produced in Europe, are non toxic, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and so durable that they come with a five-year guarantee. Learn more about their attention to detail during the manufacturing process in this short video.

Delight to order from

Top Dog Harness have been a delight to order from. They were very helpful in ordering the Haqihana Double H Harness and they were able to send it to me quite quickly and kept me up to date with the process.

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Salisbury, QLD

Double H Harness provides extra security

After seeing greyhounds in Italy wearing the Haqihana harness I started researching. We started out with the regular Haqihana harness, but my greyhounds can be stubborn and not want a walk to end, so they back up. So then we set them all up in Double H Harnesses so we have extra security, which works like a charm!

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Sunshine Coast, QLD

Feeling inspired?

If you are ready to change your dog's walking experience purchase your Haqihana Harness and Leash today from our online store.