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Haqihana Harness Lead Australia Top Dog 2048 x 1138

Haqihana Harnesses
available in Australia

Handmade by Italian Artisans, available in Australia.

My Greyhound Rhonda loves it

Rhonda has tried the Ezydog harness before and hated it so I had to resell it! The Haqihana Harness is amazing and Rhonda loves it. Thank you so much!

Rescue Greyhound Australia Haqihana Best Dog Harness Tactical No Pull Ezydog
Lindisfarne, TAS

Secure & Sturdy – Perfect for Zoomies!

Mitzy feels very secure in it. She is not a dog that pulls too much but she loves to stop suddenly and do zoomies at the beach so I’m always a bit worried I’ll lose the old girl! I also don’t take her off lead being a greyhound with not the best recall so I have been looking for a harness that can allow her to stay on lead and still run and play freely. It feels secure and sturdy and I’m so glad I found Top Dog Harness!

Best Dog Harness for Senior Greyhound Australia Gentle Leading Walking
Glen Iris, WA


Haqihana Dog Harnesses

The Haqihana Harness is a safe, secure, comfortable Y shaped dog harness. It is designed to rest completely on the thorax keeping the dog's neck & shoulder joints free.

Haqihana Dog Leashes

Haqihana leashes are comfortable walking leashes.  They are 3m long, available in two different widths, and light enough to allow ample freedom of movement to your dog. The perfect companion to the Haqihana Harness!

Specialty Harnesses

Haqihana Long Dog Harnesses

The Long version of the Haqihana Harness is specifically designed for deep-chested dogs such as Galgo’s, Greyhounds, French Bulldogs, Whippets and Dachshunds and is a great choice for dogs who are very calm and confident when out walking.

Haqihana Double H Dog Harnesses

Double H Harnesses are specially designed to provide extra security for dogs that are timid, easily scared or escape artists. The Double H Harness is a great choice for Greyhounds, Galgos, Whippets, Sighthounds and Lurchers as the extra rear strap prevents the harness from slipping forward on these deep chested breeds of dogs.

Why choose Haqihana?

The design and quality of a harness is important for your dog’s comfort. Most harnesses are poorly-designed and do not allow freedom of movement. They place pressure on the sensitive structures of the neck or across the shoulders, or use excess or poor quality materials that rub on the skin.

The Haqihana non-inhibitive harness does not cause pain, friction or injury to the skin and does not limit movement in any way or create any other discomfort for your dog.

Choose a harness, choose Haqihana!

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