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Ambass-a-Dog Program

If you follow our social media, you would have noticed a handsome fella @bruce_thegrey modelling our Haqihana range.

Bruce’s Story 🥕

It all started with a little girl’s dream of having a dog. But not just any dog. She had fallen in love with the hounds and started persuading her parents to rescue a greyhound. In a stroke of genius, she enrolled her mum as a volunteer in a greyhound rescue organisation. There was no way back from there and they soon applied for adoption. It took a while to get through the verification process, but their wait was rewarded with the most perfect match they could imagine.

Bruce was rescued straight off the race track. To save costs his trainer was feeding him only carrots. Bruce looked miserable in his photos and the poor treatment left a huge impact on Bruce’s mental health too. He left the race industry suffering from severe separation anxiety, sleep startle / aggression and resource guarding.

With proper training and lots and lots of love from his new family, Bruce opened up his heart and started to trust humans again. He’s very relaxed, affectionate and loves humans’ company even more than other dogs.

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Bruce the Greyhound modelling the Double H Haqihana Harness

Now Bruce is living the dream life filled with love, belly rubs and yummy treats. You can follow his adventures on Instagram @bruce_thegrey

Bruce has been wearing Haqihana harnesses since his “gotcha day” 10 of September 2021. He recently joined the Top Dog Ambass-a-dog program and is helping to spread awareness about top quality Haqihana products to make all dog’s walking experiences better.

So beautiful & soft

Very quick & efficient service and so very helpful. When I read about the design of the Haqihana Harness I knew it would be a well designed quality product, and it is. So beautiful & soft too, my Greyhound Miss Tilly loves it.

Rescued Greyhound Dog Harness Multicoloured Haqihana Australia
The Summit, QLD

Double H Harness provides extra security

After seeing greyhounds in Italy wearing the Haqihana harness I started researching. We started out with the regular Haqihana harness, but my greyhounds can be stubborn and not want a walk to end, so they back up. So then we set them all up in Double H Harnesses so we have extra security, which works like a charm!

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Sunshine Coast, QLD

Feeling inspired?

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