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Top 5 tips to choose a Dog Harness


There are many brands of dog harnesses on the market… so how do you choose? What is the highest rated dog harness? What is the best dog harness available in Australia? Here you will find our top five tips to choose a dog harness.

Haqihana Dog Harness Review

In this short video Turid Rugaas discusses the benefits of walking your dog on a harness and she provides a review of the Haqihana Harness and explains it’s benefits compared to others on the market. Read more in our article here.

Greyhound Dog Harness Review

Best Greyhound Harness Australia Haqihana 2

Wondering if you should walk your Greyhound on a collar? Unsure what to look for when choosing a harness for your Greyhound. Your questions are all answered in our article here.

How your dog collar is harming your dog

Dog Collar harm hurt dog chose dog harness haqihana

Did you ever stop to think about what happens under a dog’s collar? Did you know that the area around the dog’s throat is one of the most vulnerable parts of their body? Read more in our article here.

Handmade by Italian Artisans

Italian company Haqihana launched its line of harnesses in 2004 in answer to the widespread request by dog lovers for a valid alternative to the collar that would be comfortable and not constrictive. Their high quality materials, all produced in Europe, are non toxic, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and so durable that they come with a five-year guarantee. Learn more about their attention to detail during the manufacturing process in this short video.

Great for puppies

All the other brands I’ve seen put too much strain on the shoulders etc (or have dumb ‘tactical’ pockets and things on them). Thank you again for making good quality products available in Australia!

Best Dog Harness Australia for Puppies (4)
South Lake, WA

Perfect for our Chihuahua

This is Arlo, he’s a 9 year old Chihuahua who we’ve inherited from our niece. Once we knew we were going to keep him, we celebrated with getting him his own Haqihana harness & leash to match our other dog, Yay!!

Arlo Best Dog Harness Lead Leash Rescue Chihuahua Australia
Safety Bay, WA

Feeling inspired?

If you are ready to change your dog's walking experience purchase your Haqihana Harness and Leash today from our online store.