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The Haqihana Leash is a three metres long, comfortable and light weight dog lead providing ample freedom to your dog. We are proud to offer the Haqihana Lead in Australia, and we might be biased, but we think it is the best dog lead available and it is the perfect companion to the Haqihana Harness.  The Haqihana lead is equipped with carabiners at both ends enabling it to be doubled over and clipped in place, halving it’s length, for those times you want your dog closer for safety.

Walking your dog on a longer lead will provide your dog with a sense of freedom, yet keep them safely contained. Allowing your dog more freedom will also ensure you are more able to observe your dog’s behaviour when out walking, avoiding potentially confrontational situations early.

Most pet owners feel short dog leashes are restrictive, so they dream of walking their dogs off leash. While this thought process is understandable, it’s not a safe option. Leashes are used as safety lines because they prevent dogs from running away, accidentally walking into roadways, and running up to strange dogs and people.

The Blue High Vis harness is a great choice for dogs that are walked or run at night as it contains stitching that reflects light.


The Haqihana 3m long leash is available in either 15mm or 20mm widths:

  • 3m long x 15mm wide leash suits XS, XXS & XXXS Harnesses as the these size harnesses are also made from 15mm wide webbing
  • 3m long x 20mm wide leash suits S, M, L & XL Harnesses as the the Small harness is made from 20mm wide webbing and the the Medium, Large and X Large harnesses are made from 25mm wide webbing (there is no 25mm wide leash option).


All Haqihana leashes feature two BREMA stainless steel AISI304 snap-hooks.  Being equipped with carabiners at both ends allows you to halve the leash to only 1.5m for those times you need a shorter leash.


The leashes are hand-made paying great attention to detail. In fact safety and comfort for the dog are very important. All parts are sewn together with secure stitching and the overlapping parts, which have contact with the skin, are finished with a special stitching to avoid any rubbing, particularly in the short-haired dog.  The high quality materials, all produced in Europe, satisfy non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and recyclable requirements, and enable a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee on leashes.


The webbing is made with high tenacity spun-dyed nylon-6 (polyamide) which guarantees colour homogeneity and resistance. The special characteristics of nylon (polyamide) make it particularly suitable for a harness and leash production. In fact, amongst synthetic fibbers nylon is well known for its softness, optimal strength-to-weight ratio, abrasion resistance and chemical and biological stability. Finally, it is fully recyclable. The webbing is made in Italy to Haqihana design.

Are you ready to change your dog’s walking experience? Choose a long dog leash. Choose Haqihana!