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We often get asked “Are harnesses good for puppies?”

Yes harnesses are good for puppies that aren’t fully trained to walk on a loose leash yet. When you bring a new puppy home, it’s important that you teach them to walk on a loose leash as quickly as possible. It’s much easier to teach a new behaviour to a puppy than it is to modify a learned behaviour in an adult dog.

When looking for a harness for your puppy look for a Y-shaped harness with adjustment straps on all sides – such as the Haqihana Harness which is adjustable in 5 places. It should be a snug fit that’s not too tight. In other words, it shouldn’t make your puppy uncomfortable or risk hurting their developing joints, but it needs to be a good fit so they can’t ‘Houdini’ out of it.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give puppies the best possible start in life by getting them used to wearing a comfortable harness and walking on a loose leash. The Haqihana Harness is a safe, secure, comfortable Y shaped dog harness. It is designed to rest completely on the thorax keeping the dog’s neck & shoulder joints free and comes in sizes right down to XXXS – so there is one to suit every puppy!

Best Dog Harness Australia for Puppies (2)

“Our Labrador Retriever puppy Gary is so comfortable in his Haqihana Harness. Thank you again for making good quality products available in Australia!”

~ Hannah, South Lake WA

Harness is really, really comfortable

Flynn is really, really comfortable in his multi-coloured Haqihana Harness.  He has such wonderful freedom of movement on his walks now.

Haqihana Harness Best Dog Harness Greyhounds Whippets Australia.jpg
Connolly, WA

Easy to adjust

The girth sits so nicely behind the forelimbs – no rubbing in the underarms at all. The front sits down in the centre of the chest and off the throat. The shoulder straps don’t interfere with the upper legs at all. It is easy to adjust. The webbing is smooth and yet once secured will not slip. Just perfect 😍

Nancy (Emily Williams) No Pull Dog Harness Australia Review
Capalaba, QLD

Feeling inspired?

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