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Looking for size charts, fitting & adjusting instructions, information about Haqihana’s commitment to sustainability and our warranty? You’ve come to the right place.

Size Chart

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You can find our size chart for the Standard, Long and Double H Haqihana Harnesses here.

How to fit your Haqihana Harness

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Learn how easy it is to fit your dog’s Haqihana Harness by reading our article here.

How to adjust your Haqihana Harness

Rescue Greyhound Australia Haqihana Best Dog Harness Tactical No Pull Ezydog

Learn how easy it is to adjust your dog’s Haqihana Harness to achieve the perfect fit by reading our article here.

Haqihana & Sustainability

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Learn about Haqihana’s commitment so sustainability by reading our article here.

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

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Our shipping, warranty and returns policy can be found here.

Vet recommended the Haqihana Harness

My three senior female greyhounds all have high prey drive, and two of them occasionally have issues with their throats, so our Vet advised us to switch them to harnesses. Since they usually like to walk shoulder to shoulder, it was easier to switch all three of them to harnesses. We tried a few other brands, but they rubbed or were easy to back out of. Then we found Haqihana x

What greyhound harness should I buy what is the best greyhound harness Australia 2
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Webbing is fantastic & finish is excellent

The Haqihana harnesses are really nice. The quality of the webbing is fantastic and the finish is excellent. They are highly adjustable and simply perfect for my poodles.

Best Safest Comfortable Dog Harness for Poodles Australia New Zealand
Ballina, NSW

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