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Perfect fit for Miniature Dachshunds

This is Snickers, the miniature long haired Dachshund, out on her first walk wearing her new Haqihana harness together with her sister Sizzles. It’s perfect, thank you.

Best fit harness for miniature mini long hair dachshund sausage dog Australia
Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Vet recommended the Haqihana Harness

My three senior female greyhounds all have high prey drive, and two of them occasionally have issues with their throats, so our Vet advised us to switch them to harnesses. Since they usually like to walk shoulder to shoulder, it was easier to switch all three of them to harnesses. We tried a few other brands, but they rubbed or were easy to back out of. Then we found Haqihana x

What greyhound harness should I buy what is the best greyhound harness Australia 2
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Comfortable, Strong & Soft

They’ve worn the Haqihana harnesses to the beach and in the water. We’ve visited shoe stores for runners, trails in the mountains, and walked through the local vineyards. The harness is very comfortable, strong, and soft. It has not rubbed them at all, and they are even comfy enough in them to fall asleep at the local pub!

What greyhound harness should I buy what is the best greyhound harness Australia 1
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Double H Harness perfect for Greyhounds

We love our Haqihana harnesses! They are super good quality. I recently bought our latest Double H Haqihana harness from Top Dog Harness for our newly adopted greyhound Nancy. We will be back for more when I decide what other colours our dogs ‘need’ 😂

Where to buy Haqihana Harness Leash Online Australia Dog Review
Lismore, NSW

Safe & secure for road trips

I am very happy with Exy’s Haqihana Double H Harness. We have just travelled over 7,000 km in our caravan and Exy was wearing her harness to travel safely in the car. When walking out on lead I felt completely confident that she could not escape the harness if she tried.

Safe secure travel car dog harness haqihana caravan
Catherine & Graeme

Delight to order from

Top Dog Harness have been a delight to order from. They were very helpful in ordering the Haqihana Double H Harness and they were able to send it to me quite quickly and kept me up to date with the process.

Best Greyhound Harness Australia Haqihana 1
Salisbury, QLD

Best harness ever for us

Haqihana Double H Harnesses are the best harness ever for us. We got them in colours that matched our greyhounds, as much as possible, because we usually wear a fancy colourful collar just for show.

What greyhound harness should I buy what is the best greyhound harness Australia 4
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Fantastic service

Fantastic service from Top Dog Harness. Thank you for taking the time to discuss our particular requirements with regard to sizing and style.

Safest Dog Harness Australia No Pull Halti 1
Ballina, NSW

Nice & Light

Holly loves her Haqihana Harness. Its nice and light and allows for natural movement during Zoomies. Top Dog Harness were great with easy communication and quick dispatch. Would highly recommend.

Holly (Kristy McMillan) Best Dog Harness Australia
Yarraville VIC

Perfect fit

The girth strap stays in place and there are no pressure points on joints or soft tissue. The fit is perfect, the webbing beautifully comfortable, the colour range extensive and the hardware top quality…

Safest Dog Harness Australia No Pull Halti 3
Ballina, NSW

Freedom of movement

Excellent harness. This allows full freedom of movement, no matter where a silly puppy likes to explore. We love this harness so much. After buying the small size for our puppy Nancy we were so impressed we purchased the next size up as well for her to grow into. Just perfect 😍

Nancy (Emily Williams) Best No Pull Dog Harness Australia
Capalaba, QLD

Perfect for jogging

I took Cooper for a 4.7km walk this morning and it was good. He walks well with the harness and we even did a jog together for the first time ever and it was perfect! Thanks @topdogharness we are so happy 😊

Best Dog Harness Jogging Running Australia
Windsor Gardens, SA

Easy to adjust

The girth sits so nicely behind the forelimbs – no rubbing in the underarms at all. The front sits down in the centre of the chest and off the throat. The shoulder straps don’t interfere with the upper legs at all. It is easy to adjust. The webbing is smooth and yet once secured will not slip. Just perfect 😍

Nancy (Emily Williams) No Pull Dog Harness Australia Review
Capalaba, QLD

So beautiful & soft

Very quick & efficient service and so very helpful. When I read about the design of the Haqihana Harness I knew it would be a well designed quality product, and it is. So beautiful & soft too, my Greyhound Miss Tilly loves it.

Rescued Greyhound Dog Harness Multicoloured Haqihana Australia
The Summit, QLD

Quality, Lightweight & Strong

Delivery was prompt and we tried it out on our ‘along the waterfront walk’ straight away. It is lovely quality, and lightweight, yet strong. With our previous rescue greyhounds, I have used ‘Black Dog’,‘Ruffwear’ & ‘Royal Copenhagen’, but found them too weighty and thick. I had wanted to try ‘Haqihana’ and was glad to find you had them in stock.

Black Dog Ruffwear Royal Copenhagen Haqihana Dog Harness Review Australia
Many West, QLD

The best for loose leash walks

Great company with awesome communication. The Haqihana harness has been instrumental in improving loose leash walks with Orla. Just love them!!

Haqihana Harness Australia Best Long Lead Dog Walk (5)
Yarra Junction, VIC

Can you spot the Haqihana Harness?

Bruno is a bit fluffy after his bath – but I promise there is a Haqihana Harness in there somewhere!

How to choose a dog harness Australia breeders trainers puppy kindy preschool
Waikiki, WA

Great for puppies

All the other brands I’ve seen put too much strain on the shoulders etc (or have dumb ‘tactical’ pockets and things on them). Thank you again for making good quality products available in Australia!

Best Dog Harness Australia for Puppies (4)
South Lake, WA

Loves it!

As you can see – my pup Cato absolutely loves his Haqihana harness!

Cato haqihana quality escape proof harness walkies happy dog adjustable fit best scaled - Loves it!

Loving the harness

Bonnie and I are LOVING the harness. Just perfect for a rather lively wee Puggle (once I got it right and didn’t put it on upside down😉) Thank you for all your help.

Best Dog Harness for Puggle 1
Balwyn, VIC

Peace of mind

Turner is a Nervous-Nelly and often stops suddenly when out on walks. Her previous harness could pull over her head if she stopped and reversed suddenly. But with the Haqihana Double H I have peace of mind that she is both secure and comfortable. Thank you for the prompt delivery and I love the colour too!

Best Greyhound Harness for Nervous Timid Reactive Dog
Bellevue, SA

Perfect for our Chihuahua

This is Arlo, he’s a 9 year old Chihuahua who we’ve inherited from our niece. Once we knew we were going to keep him, we celebrated with getting him his own Haqihana harness & leash to match our other dog, Yay!!

Arlo Best Dog Harness Lead Leash Rescue Chihuahua Australia
Safety Bay, WA

Webbing is fantastic & finish is excellent

The Haqihana harnesses are really nice. The quality of the webbing is fantastic and the finish is excellent. They are highly adjustable and simply perfect for my poodles.

Best Safest Comfortable Dog Harness for Poodles Australia New Zealand
Ballina, NSW

Great colours

We wanted another harness for our new rescue. We found the Top Dog Harness website easily, and it was very user friendly! They range a great selection of colours and we received our parcel quickly. Lovely packaging too!

Arlo Best Dog Harness Chihuahua Australia
Safety Bay, WA

Amazing business

Amazing business! I ordered harness and leash and my order arrived very quickly. They even included a small card with my Whippet’s name ‘Maeve’, so cute! Highly recommend.

Safest Harness for Whippet dog pup Australia
Kurraba Point, NSW

So handsome in Multi-Coloured

Flynn just looks so handsome in his multi-coloured Haqihana Harness 😍

Multicoloured Haqihana Harness Best Dog Harness Greyhounds Whippets Australia
Connolly, WA

Freed Sonic up for Zoomies!

We love the harness and it has freed Sonic the Italian Greyhound up wonderfully. Sonic can now live up to his name!

What is the best dog harness for Whippet Italian Greyhound Australia New Zealand
Victoria Park, WA

Super good quality

We love our Haqihana Harnesses! They are super good quality. I’m so disappointed I wasted so much money on sub-par harnesses before I came across these. Top Dog Harness were extremely polite, responsive and helpful. We will be back for more once I decide what other colours our dogs ‘need’ 😂

Nancy (Zoe Chakos) Safest Dog Harness Australia
Lismore, NSW

Double H Harness provides extra security

After seeing greyhounds in Italy wearing the Haqihana harness I started researching. We started out with the regular Haqihana harness, but my greyhounds can be stubborn and not want a walk to end, so they back up. So then we set them all up in Double H Harnesses so we have extra security, which works like a charm!

What greyhound harness should I buy what is the best greyhound harness Australia 3
Sunshine Coast, QLD

He can just enjoy being a dog

It makes me happy to know that Theo the Miniature Dachshund is walking more freely and that he is comfortable, that he can just enjoy being a dog.

Theodore Long Haqihana Harness Review Mini Doxie Dachshund Sausage Dog Australia.png
Shortland, NSW

It is amazing!

Boxers are hard to keep still!! Thanks heaps. Lilly and I both love her new harness – it is amazing!

Best Dog Harness for Boxers Australia Haqihana Review
Black River, QLD

Thank you for a quality product

Our Labrador Retriever puppy Gary is so comfortable in his Haqihana Harness. Thank you again for making good quality products available in Australia!

Best Dog Harness Australia for Puppies (2)
South Lake, WA

Haqihana Harness is Amazing!

Rhonda has tried the Ezydog harness before and hated it so I had to resell it! The Haqihana Harness is amazing and Rhonda loves it. Thank you so much!

Long Haqihana Harness for Greyhound Australia
Lindisfarne, TAS

You can feel the quality

The Haqihana Dog Harness is fantastic! You can just feel the quality. I am sure Theo the Mini Doxie would be feeling it too, he is loving it, he has such a huge smile on our walks.

Theodore Long Haqihana Harness Mini Doxie Dachshund Sausage Dog Australia
Shortland, NSW

Chicky blue

Look at Chicky looking all happy and confident on the way to the beach wearing her Haqihana harness in Arctic.

Chicky blue arctic haqihana quality harness no collar good boy walkies dog health safe escape proof greyhound 62 - Chicky blue
Nicola Woods,
Wannanup WA

No chaffing

The harness is adjusted and sitting perfectly. No underarm chafing which was the main issue Porter experienced with other brands of harnesses. We go for runs so it’s great that it’s so light and sturdy. Thanks so much! 😊

Comfortable Safe Dog Harness Greyhounds Australia
Northcote, VIC

Haqihana was well worth it

The Haqihana harness was well worth it! Here is Skadi the Whippet wearing her XS Long harness and lead out on our evening stroll 🙂

Long Haqihana Harness Best Whippet Dog Harness Review Australia
Crestwood, NSW

Loving the Haqihana harness

Coco and Chevy absolutely love their Haqihana harnesses and so do I, since we no longer need to have a “discussion” each time we go out for walkies.

Safest Dog Harness Australia No Pull Halti 2
Ballina, NSW

My favourite harness

The Haqihana Double H harness is my favourite harness as the extra strap allows security for dogs such as greyhounds who can wiggle out of normal harnesses. Thank you!

Best Greyhound Harness Australia Haqihana 2
Salisbury, QLD

Best you can buy

Haqihana is the best harnesses you can buy. Second time purchasing this brand and I won’t buy anything else now. Durable & allows full movement. Sidonie goes to the beach twice a day so heaps of sand & salt… no problem at all even years later!!

Sidonie Top Dog Harness Australia No Pull
Coolum, QLD

Haqihana Harness is great!

The Haqihana harness is great! My wee Puggle Bonnie, and I, wish you the best of luck with your business!

Best Dog Harness for Puggle Australia Review No Pull
Balwyn, VIC

My Greyhound Rhonda loves it

Rhonda has tried the Ezydog harness before and hated it so I had to resell it! The Haqihana Harness is amazing and Rhonda loves it. Thank you so much!

Rescue Greyhound Australia Haqihana Best Dog Harness Tactical No Pull Ezydog
Lindisfarne, TAS

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